Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer, 3 Stainless Steel Models, Model eT-23, SUPER Strong Magnetic Back, Loud Alarm, Large Display, Auto Memory, Auto Shut-Off. For Larger Bulk Priced Savings, Please Email support@etradewinds1.com


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  • ★2018 Auto Shut-Off Model eT-23 is one of our "BEST TIMERS", it counts up/down 99 min./59 sec.; ★ Great for kitchen & dining, exam rooms, bbq grilling, games, classroom, or hair color
  • ★ A Favorite Medical, Dental & Salon Timer ★ Magnetic Digital Kitchen Timers can be used with SUPER POWERFUL flush set magnet, fold out stand or slot; ★ Push Min & Sec at same time to clear to 0; ★ Hold Min.or Sec. for 2 sec. to fast forward ★ Auto Memory holds time setting through Auto Shut Off
  • ★ STRONGEST timer magnet listed anywhere; ★ WON"T pivot, wobble, pop off or slide down fridge as buttons are pushed like 99% of all the others; ★ If this is your 1st timer, PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you're looking for a replacement because your old one hit the floor, you know EXACTLY what we are talking about. What good is a magnet if you can't use the timer with it? ★THIS timer won't pop off your range hood and backflip into your boiling soup because you hit the off button. "No soup fer yu"
  • ★ Large easy to read display; easily seen from across the room; ★ Pleasant louder 75-80 decibel mellow 62 second beep can easily be heard in other rooms ★ Auto shut-off after being idle 2 min. ★ Holds Auto Memory through Auto Shut Off, saving previous setting for next time.
  • ★ Model eT-23 Requires (1) AAA Batt INCLUDED; ★ Lifetime Warranty: We believe 100% in the product's quality; If you break it or it fails to function properly, we will replace it free
  • Model eT-23 Timer

    Strong Magnet: 
    Flat back surface (no pivot points) & upgraded
    magnet with foam appliance scratch protector. It' won't pop off the
    fridge with the wobble factor when front buttons are pushed. It sticks
    and stays stuck. 

    Auto Shut-Off: Convenient built in automatic on/off switch will turn off
    timer after 2 minutes of being idle. Save on batteries.

    Auto Memory:  Memory recalls last setting used and holds thru auto
    shutoff. After auto-shutoff,  the previous countdown setting is
    displayed. Perfect for repetitive tasks. Just hit the start button and it
    will count down exactly like your last setting. Also easy to set if you
    need different settings each time.

    Multiple Applications: Favorite timer for kitchens, salons, homework,
    taking medication, barbecue, workout, sports, competitions meetings,
    medical/dental  exam rooms, yoga, meditation.

    One finger operation: No need to hold this timer in your hand when
    setting or stopping which is a requirement in most economy minded

    Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee: If you break it or it fails to
    function properly we will replace it free.

    ✔ Counts Up or Down 0-99 Minutes and Seconds 

    ✔ Hold Min and Sec simultaneously to clear back to 0000

    ✔ Hold buttons down 2 sec. for fast forward digit advance

     Auto Memory holds time setting through Auto Shut Off

    ✔ Large Display can easily be seen across the room

    ✔ Loud 75-80db mellow beeping easily heard in next room

    ✔ (1) AAA Required Battery and Instruction manual included

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Type: Kitchen Timer

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