Digital Kitchen Timer - Stainless Steel - Strong Magnetic Back - Kickstand - Loud Alarm - Large Display - Auto Memory - Auto Shut-Off - Model eT-26 (Silver) by eTradewinds


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  • ✔️2018 MODEL EFFORTLESS SETTING: EZ set buttons plus auto memory that holds thru auto-shutoff
  • ✔️CONVENIENT ENERGY SAVER: Battery saving auto shut-off, plus complimentary 2nd battery included
  • ✔️RELIABLE MAGNETIC HOLD: Xtra strong, won't pivot, wobble, pop off fridge as the buttons are pushed.
  • ✔️COMFORTABLE EASY VIEWING: Never strain your eyes again to try and see your kitchen timer numbers
  • ✔️BUY CONFIDENCE: Unconditional "LIFETIME" Warranty, We believe 100% in the product's superior quality.
  • 2018 Model eT-26 (Silver) Kitchen Timer

    Counts Up/Down: Counts up or down 99 min and sec. 

    Last Setting Memory: Memory recalls last setting used and is
    effective thru auto shutoff. After auto-shutoff, next time timer turns on
    the last countdown setting is displayed. Perfect for repetitive tasks.

    Multiple Applications: Not just a kitchen timer. Also a favorite for
    salons, homework, taking medication, therapy, barbeque, workout,
    sports, competitions, meetings, medical/dental exam rooms.

    Auto Shut-Off: Convenient built in automatic on/off switch will turn off
    timer after 10 minutes of being idle. It will then just sit there looking
    pretty waiting for you to push the start button again.

    Complimentary 2nd Battery: Comes complete with required battery
    PLUS an extra battery for you to keep available for when the original
    battery expires in a couple years. 

    Strong Magnet: We made it a priority to manufacture our one finger
    deluxe timers using a flat back surface (no pivot points) & upgraded
    magnet. It' won't pop off the fridge with the wobble factor when front
    buttons are pushed. It sticks and stays stuck.

    One finger operation: No need to hold this timer in your hand when
    setting or stopping which is a requirement in most economy minded

    Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee: If you break it or it fails to
    function properly we will replace it free.


    • Hold buttons down 2 sec. for fast forward digit advance

    • Hold Min and Sec simultaneously to clear back to 0000

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Type: Kitchen Timer

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