Tick Remover Tick-Off - Hygienic All Stainless Steel Tick Removal Tool with Leather Case by eTradewinds


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  • CLINIC APPROVED: Safely remove the entire tick with ease reducing the risk of infection.
  • RELIABLE: "Folding All In One" patent pending compact stainless steel surgical grade instrument removes any size tick
  • WORRY FREE: Specially designed pin-point sharp tick tweezers will safely, easily and completely remove the entire tick
  • CONFIDENCE: Slotted fork instrument will quickly and easily remove entire engorged ticks of all sizes from pets or humans
  • USA based company. CONVENIENT: Protective leather case keeps tick removal instrument in clean and sterile environment ready for use
  • Be Prepared And Keep A Couple Handy: Be ready in case you find a
    tick hosting where it shouldn't be. Keep one handy in your first aid kit,
    backpack, glove box or wherever you would like to keep yours.

    Prevent The Spread Of Infectious Lyme Disease: Tick related
    illnesses such as Lyme disease are on the rise and currently cause for
    great concern. Lyme disease is one of the fastest growing preventive
    measure undertakings in the USA at the moment.

    REMOVE TICKS PROMPTLY: In most cases a tick must be attached
    36-48 hrs. before Lyme disease bacteria can be transmitted. Quick and
    proper removal is crucial for the precautionary measure to be effective. 

    Nymph Ticks, Biggest Threat: 
    It's the small immature ticks called
    nymphs that cause the greatest concern. They are tiny and hard to see.
    Only sharp pointed tweezers should be used to grasp the tiny ticks as
    close to the skin as possible. 

    Engorged Ticks, Fat And Juicy: Extraction of engorged ticks is easiest
    using the forked end of the instrument by sliding under as close to skin
    as possible then steady lift up. If any tiny pieces remain, use fine tipped
    tweezer end to remove the rest. Wash with soap/water or alcohol.

    Proper Instruments Are Required: 
     Never use regular tweezers as you
    might squeeze the tick body. It's highly advised by the CDC to never
    squeeze or grab a tick by the body. Save those regular tweezers for
    slivers and eyebrow plucking.

    See Your Doctor: If after a tick bite you see red bullseye or feel flue like
    symptoms, see your physician immediately. These are the early
    symptoms of Lyme disease. If treated early recovery is quick.

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